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Cost Analysis Carrier Rate Negotiation
Carrier Selection Inbound Freight Management
Routing Compliance Monitoring Proof of Deliveries
Location Site Studies Carrier Contracting
Return Goods Management Traffic Consultation
Loss and Damage Claims Customized Routing Report

Transportation Modes Served

Truckload Less-Than-Truckload
Air Rail
Small Package Ocean

Industries Served

In today’s competitive marketplace, business of all kinds are looking for ways to maximize efficiency, reduce capital expenditures and increase speed throughout their supply chains. Our logistics experience stretches across a variety of industries to enable our clients to do just that. We provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to help them realize individual business objectives, lower costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Please contact us for details on the industries and customers we provide solutions to.


At S & S Logistics, we bring proven, leading edge technological solutions to managing information within your supply chain network. Our approach is to effectively and securely manage information while weighing the cost/value relationship for maximum efficiency and greatest value. We can leverage existing products and platforms that offer a flexible, modular and scalable technology strategy. This allows us to integrate functions for network planning systems, transportation, warehousing, freight consolidations, part sequencing, kitting, sub-assembly and repacking, while encompassing all functions with time-appropriate communications.

Warehouse Management Systems

S & S Logistics provides our customers an integrated supply chain solution, which enhances their supply chain capabilities through real time collaboration, execution, and optimization, thus providing real, competitive advantage. We apply the proper mix of advanced technologies and operational expertise to meet and exceed your service levels and every requirement to do so within a competitive cost structure. We bring value to our customers by providing solutions that reduce their total logistics cost, free up working capital, improve customer service and provide them with an opportunity to focus on their core business.

Vendor Management

S & S Logistics can improve communication procedures and best practices with your vendors. Less resources are needed, because there will be less of a need to solve operational challenges.

We can assist you in effectively monitoring your vendors through Key Performance Indicators such as meeting scheduled departure dates, timely and correct document submission, appropriate packing, etc.

Specialized Services

Provides customers in the region with the flexibility and control of a dedicated fleet, at a lower cost and vastly reduced investment in capital equipment and personnel. We move your freight round trip, out and back, or in triangles, managing the entire function from our headquarters in Grand Forks, ND.

Our equipment and drivers are dedicated to your operation for your exclusive use, on a full-time basis. You can determine the round trip or we can suggest appropriate round trips. In all cases we both approve the process and we implement and execute for you. Our higher productivity allows us to leverage fixed costs, and help you control costs.

Companies that need this service include:

  • Moving freight back and forth between locations
  • Companies that wish to enhance customer service
  • Companies that want excellent delivery performances.

Client Requirements

The following is what is needed from your organization to maintain an active status:

  • Copy of your ICC/MC Authority.
  • Certificate of Insurance naming us as an additional insured as follows:
    • S & S Logistics, LLC
    • PO Box 12579
    • Grand Forks, ND 58208-2579
  • Completed Carrier File
  • Completed W-9 form
  • Signed Company Contract

Please forward all of the above information to the address provided or fax 701-205-3899, attention Nate. Prompt attention to this matter will result in no interruption of your payment schedule. Any questions please call Nate or Cassie or email customerservice@sslogistics.com.

Thank You.



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